Residential Addiction Treatment in Orange County, CA

Our Huntington Beach Residential addiction treatment program has been created to promote wellness, healing, and bridge the gap between addiction and recovery. Backed by evidence-based practices, our structured environment and round-the-clock care aims to help cultivate the skills needed to live productive lives of long-term recovery for patients and their families.

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment, most often time followed by detox, is one of the most successful and proven paths to recovery from alcoholism, drugs, or mental health issues. Separated from the outside world, individuals live in a structured setting for a duration of time to find healing and address maladaptive behaviors. For those that have taken part in Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient programs, and failed, Residential treatment may be a worthwhile alternative. Our multidisciplinary team of therapists, medical staff and behavioral health technicians offers support and guidance by designing individualized treatment plans for all of our clients to address past behaviors, cultivate new coping skills, and put them to use in a safe environment. In Residential addiction treatment, our end goal in mind is to reintegrate clients back to society without the use of substances.

Most often, medical detox is the first step on the road to recovery in residential treatment. During this time, clients undergo a process of withdrawing from substances that they’ve been physically dependent on under the supervision of medical professionals This process can typically last from a number of days to two weeks depending on the substance, length of use, and frequency of use. Once clients have become medically stabilized they can focus on the process of healing and continue the road to recovery.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

During the first phase of residential treatment in Huntington Beach, each client undergoes thorough assessment of biological, psychological, and family history. Based upon this information, our team develops an individualized treatment plan that caters to your needs. At our facility, individual therapy sessions, group counseling, and family therapy is conducted to support the needs of your treatment plan. In a structured environment, there are also a number of additional benefits of residential treatment that can include:

  • A community of individuals looking to achieve the same goal of sobriety
  • Support and accountability
  • A temptation-free environment
  • Individualized and group therapy
  • New sober connections
  • Professional clinical and medical staff within reach
  • Frequent therapy sessions
  • A luxury and serene environment close to the beach

Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment at 1 Solution Wellness

The first step to beginning the process of changing your life is giving us a call. Our admissions staff will guide you through an assessment process and determine if residential treatment is the best fit for your needs. What separates North’s residential rehab facility from others is the years of experience our staff has in the recovery community. With years of helping individuals and their families recover from effects of alcohol addiction, drug addiction and dual diagnosis disorders, our staff’s priority is to give each client undivided attention to seamlessly integrate evidence-based modalities and help them achieve recovery. Following residential treatment, our staff has relationships with Intensive Outpatient Programs and Outpatient programs in the area so that clients can seamlessly transition back into society.