Family Therapy for Addiction in Orange County, CA

1 Solution Wellness is here to serve the families and loved ones struggling with addiction, who need the plan, the tools, and the support to end the cycle and restructure healthy connections.

Those struggling with a family member or loved one in the grips of addiction, can all remember the times when they received an alarming call about a recent or current crisis. Individuals and loved ones struggling with addiction do not need to continue living in the reoccurring nightmare that consumes their lives. At North, we understand the impact of a loved one struggling with addiction, as well as the impact on the family system. We’ve been there. We are here now to guide you through the hopelessness, shame and fear, and join together to form healthy connections and healing.

Family is an emotional system that interacts in reciprocal patterns, involving emotions, behaviors and physiology. Addiction in the family system is generational and progressive, that quickly leads to being a fatal disease. Ever single person in the family system is effected, as it is systemic and causes ongoing emotional distress for loved ones.

Family members often see a distinct change in their loved one, and will identify the change as “someone I do not recognize anymore.” At North, we prepare the family for the treatment process by offering educational and emotional support. We consult with the family and patient and provide a structured plan for personal and family recovery. Our customized treatment is designed to foster healthy connections, restore relationships, and develop long term recovery that responds to your specific needs.

Family Behavior in Addiction

Most loved ones have tried bargaining, pleading, shaming, yelling, persuading, threatening or punishing, to later feel disappointment, self blame and rejection when these attempts have failed. Alcohol and drug addiction thrives in an atmosphere of misunderstanding and stigma. Confusion, denial and isolation enable that atmosphere to grow. It is important to consider that addictive behavior is also learned and compulsive behavior, which is highly likely to be triggered in familiar, enabling, judgmental, and angry environments that can lead to self destructive patterns.

The Effect of Addiction on Families

Addiction is translated to a loss of free will, and is frightening as it threatens to take away family values. Before reaching a fatal point, addiction strips people of their money, their job, their family and friends, their home, their social respect ,their autonomy, their sense of meaning and purpose, and their ability to enjoy anything at all in life. When our free will is impaired, we behave based on compulsion rather than choice, and use little to no judgment. When the chemical process in the brain is determining a person’s needs, it brings about enormous difficulty in regulating or moderating consumption. 

As families begin to strip away the shame and blame from substance use, they can be more open about the effort taken towards recovery (however small or big), can begin celebrating loved ones, and rebuilding more connection and affection. Thankfully, loved ones have the ability to contribute to the preventive components that can be taken to combat the risk and probability of a relapse or continued substance use to occur.

Family Systems Therapy in Huntington Beach

The path to recovery is unique to each individual, and at 1 Solution Wellness in Huntington Beach, we are here to curate a treatment specific to each family. Help and healing is available, and 1 Solution Wellness welcomes the journey of health and recovery. We welcome you to learn more about how family recovery is possible and how it works. Learn how to be part of the solution. Change your story, end the cycle!