Treatment for Alcoholism in Orange County, CA

If you find yourself struggling with alcohol, know you are not alone. Statistics show that over 14 million adults in the U.S. are struggling with a varying degree of alcohol use disorder which may include binge drinking, alcoholism, and/or alcohol dependence. Alcohol is a mind-altering substance that is commonly accepted in various social and personal settings. Alcohol consumption is a common celebratory pastime amongst many Americans. From birthdays, weddings, sporting events, to holiday gatherings – alcohol plays a major role in American society. While many people are able to successfully partake in responsible drinking, there are many individuals who are unable to do so. Individuals who are unable to control their drinking may be struggling with alcoholism.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism, by definition, is a disorder in which an individual is incapable of limiting their own drinking, preoccupied with obtaining alcohol, or experiences withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop drinking. Alcoholism may often be referred to as alcohol addiction as well. Alcoholism is characterized as a severe type of alcohol use disorder in which an individual drinks in excess, to feel normal, or is physically and mentally dependent on alcohol.

Alcoholism is often used to describe varying levels of alcohol use disorder ranging from binge drinking, alcohol dependence, and other types of excessive alcohol consumption. Due to the varying degrees of alcoholism, it is important to notice that binge drinking is still considered an alcohol use disorder in which the CDC defines this type of drinking as consuming for than 4 drinks in one sitting or occasion for women and 5 or more drinks for men. Furthermore, heavy drinking is more than 8 drinks for women and more than 15 drinks for men. No matter which alcohol use disorder best describes your relationship with alcohol, attempting to quit drinking on your own can be near impossible and extremely dangerous.

Warning Signs & Symptoms of Alcoholism

Individuals who are living with an alcohol use disorder often try to ignore or minimize the severity of their alcohol addiction. Societal acceptability of heavy drinking makes it much more difficult to confront an individual who may be struggling with alcoholism. There are many individuals who identify themselves as high functioning alcoholics, denying their alcoholism. Ignoring your alcohol addiction will only progressively get worse. If you suspect your loved one is struggling with an alcohol use disorder or you are concerned about your own relationship with alcohol here are some common signs and symptoms of alcoholism:

  • Unable to control the amount or frequency of your drinking
  • Feeling sick without consuming an alcoholic beverage
  • Poor decision-making skills and lowered inhibitions when consuming alcohol
  • Slurred speech
  • Impaired memory
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Obsessing about finding your next drink
  • Getting in legal trouble due to your drinking
  • Neglecting interests and responsibilities for your drinking
  • Feeling unable to stop drinking once you start
  • Getting a DWI or DUI
  • Needing an excessive amount of alcohol to feel its effects
  • Blacking out or losing control when drinking
  • Experiencing painful withdrawals and/or seizures

Rehab for Alcoholism in Orange County, California

Alcoholism is a disease, and just like any disease, professional alcohol rehab is needed to overcome its disease. At 1 Solution Wellness our experienced addiction professionals specialize in alcohol addiction and strive to provide the best care to every client that walks through our Orange County facility. We pride ourselves on treating each client on an individual basis and customizing a treatment plan to cater to their unique needs.

Our holistic approach to treating alcoholism covers not only the physical but mental and spiritual components of addiction recovery as well. We have found that balancing the body and mind will foster a foundation for maintaining continuous sobriety. Our rehab for alcoholism begins with alcohol detox and progresses to residential treatment. Our entire treatment process will meet you where you are in your addiction and provide you with the support and healing you need in order to recover from alcoholism. If you are struggling with alcohol use disorder, call our compassionate team today to find out more about our alcohol rehab in Orange County.