M365 pill: What is it, Side Effects & Withdrawal Symptoms

Medications like hydrocodone or Vicodin tend to be prescribed for moderate to severe pain. However, certain issues can arise from these painkillers, including side effects and addiction. Although many patients take M365 pills for short-term pain relief, dependence can also be an issue.

What is the M365 Pill?

The M365 pill is an analgesic from a modified codeine molecule, with a structure like morphine and codeine. Because M365 is an opioid medication that is more easily found, it is not unexpected that it is easy to become addicted.

What Makes M365 Pills Addictive?

The M365 pill comes in generic form as well as in the form of Vicodin. It is a narcotic analgesic drug and a Schedule II controlled substance. Because it is very effective at relieving pain, many can become dependent on it. Although acetaminophen may not reach the level of pain felt by numerous people, combining it with hydrocodone can impact how much pain is felt. As well as being an effective pain reliever, Vicodin can make the user experience a high, which can lead to happiness and euphoria with larger doses. Euphoria poses a risk because of its connection to the drug’s appeal. The drug is highly addictive, with tolerance growing over time. This means a person may feel they need to take more Vicodin to experience the same effects, potentially leading to overdose. Once tolerance has grown, suddenly stopping the drug can cause a person to experience unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.

Many addiction struggles start due to severe pain, and the thought that one extra dose, for that time only, will help with it. Sadly, even just one event of medication misuse can turn into an opioid addiction.

The M365 pill, taken as prescribed, works by connecting to pain receptors in the brain. This then prevents the brain’s pain signals from being sent to different parts of the body. Due to its effectiveness, it is frequently prescribed, and so is a frequently abused painkiller.

What are The Side Effects of the M365 pill?

Side effects of M365 pills, even when used as directed, include the following:

●  Dizziness

●  Lightheadedness

●  Anxiety

●  Nausea

●  Vomiting

●  Upset stomach

●  Drowsiness

●  Constipation

●  Headache

●  Blurred vision

●  Mood changes

●  Dry mouth

●  Ringing in your ears

●  Difficulty urinating

What does misusing the M365 Pill look like?

Drug misuse is using a drug different from its instructions. This includes taking the medication too early or late, taking an extra pill due to unusually severe pain, and getting high through the medication misuse. One reason Vicodin abuse is hazardous is due to the pleasurable feeling that comes from the high, which can result in dependency. 

M365 Pill Abuse Side Effects

The following side effects were reported by those who have taken the M365 Pill, or Vicodin, in excess to get high:

●  Feelings of euphoria

●  Socializing became easier

●  Felt warm, comfortable, and at peace

●  Feelings of relaxation and contentment

However, like with other drugs, a tolerance to M365 grows, and more is needed to get high. It is also impossible to get as high as the first two times it was abused, and larger amounts need to be taken to feel “normal.”

Long-term M365 Pill Abuse Side Effects

Long-term M365 Pill, or brand name Vicodin, abuse includes the following side effects:

●  Lack of motivation

●  Fatigue and exhaustion

●  Desire to be alone

●  Mood swings

●  Irritability and agitation

●  Nausea and vomiting

What are the Withdrawal Symptoms of the M365 Pill?

When M365 use is suddenly stopped rather than weaned, some or all of the following withdrawal symptoms may be felt:

●  Irritability

●  Anxiety

●  Muscle aches

●  Trouble sleeping

●  Unusual sweating

How to Get Help for M365 Pill Abuse?

An inpatient rehab facility is the most proven means of recovery which can guide the person, in a safe and effective way, through the process. These facilities can also help prevent a second encounter with addiction by finding the reason for drug use to begin with. Contact us at 1 Solution Wellness today to learn more about how we can help you, your employees, and/or your loved ones overcome addiction.

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